May 07 - May 28

21 Days of Fasting & Prayer for Israel


Jan 29

May 17 - May 27

10-Day Perfume of Nations

Watchmen for the Nations has a 10-day non-stop worship event that will be livestreamed on youtube and facebook

Here is the statement from their website. I encourage you to mark your calendar and check it out. "We believe we are in an unprecedented move of God and that there will be, yet again, another outpouring of His Spirit for the new era we have entered into. We are calling the Global Body of Christ to consecrate in worship and adoration for 10 days before Pentecost.

In November last year, in a spontaneous moment of worship, a clarion call was released to gather the perfume of the nations and anoint our King. The time has come for a global love song to arise from the Bride of Christ. Day and night, let our perfume fill the earth. We invite you to listen and join in this moment of worship in its entirety. May it awaken you and draw you into the kairos moment we have been called into.

Join us for “Perfume of Nations”, this time from May 17th to 27th for 10 days of non-stop worship across the globe, from different nations, tribes, people groups and languages."

FRCC Bible Reading May 2020